December 2018 Task

Sunday 2nd December  Coppicing Horseshoe Thicket Walthamstow Marshes. A change to the previously published task of woodchip spreading.

Our annual woodland management task in Horseshoe Thicket.
On a 12/15 year cycle we are now coppicing the regrowth from our coppicing tasks in 2004/5/6. The range in dates is due to the coupes’ boundaries changing over the years.
This task adds bio-diversity to the thicket by creating different levels to the canopy,  opening the woodland floor to sun light and allowing the dormant seedbank to flourish. The trunks create lying deadwood eco-systems and habitat piles The brash will be wood chipped and used to make the thicket paths usable in winter.
All are welcome to join us, no experience is needed, just turn up or ask questions here or email the info@ email address if you need more information.
The work on this Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), pronounced “triple S I”, is being done as part of the Higher Level Stewardship agreement with Natural England.
No experience is needed. LBCV will provide the training and tools along with the tea, coffee and biscuits. Bring your own packed lunch. Volunteers should wear sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing for the task and weather. We do a task once a month so we do not let the weather stop us !
Volunteers are welcome to meet us on site, by the picnic tables at 10:40, but please text 07757 766950 or email info@, before 9am on Sunday, so we can provide enough tools and gloves.